By combining resource, selections with potential buyer database, We can sell your RV faster for a better deal

AT.Orange.RV Sales Department is specialized in pre-owned RV consignment and sales business. After the owner, Mr. Andre Trzebiatowski, has worked in RV industry for over 10 years, combining European and North America experience, he has realized that Canada need our own professional pre-owned RV dealer to handle this unique market. Many customers brought a RV without good understanding of this lifestyle; many customers could like to upgrade after they discovered a little more; many seniors need to quit as health condition change…. They frequently get sold cheap or traded with one penny. Is there any other ways? Yes! The answer is AT.Orange.RV. Customers can consign the pre-owned RVs with us to get the retail value of their RVs instead of whole sale value. And we sell professionally with full services from cleaning to financing. Consigning with us, no work, no negotiation, just sit and wait for your check, it is that easy!


How Our RV Consignment Works?

We charge 9% or $1000 (plus tax) whichever is larger as selling commission at time of selling. In our first appointment or phone conversation, we will gather the important info of your RV and owner. Find out the fair market value for your RV. Based on your exceptation, we will tailor a right selling price to ensure a good balance between fair market value and seller expectation.

We will advertise and promote your RV through our professional presented website, facebook, twitter, instagram, google as well as Kijiji.

After recieving offer from serious buyer, you will be deciding if it will be the deal. Following the deposit, we will complete sales contract, transaction and title transfer etc on your behalf. You will recieve your cheque and statement after the deal fully completed.