First work day of March. So exciting to see the beautiful blue sky and feel warm sunshine. How is your RV doing?

It is almost the time to preparing the new camping season! Here is your To-do-list to get your RV ready. Like and Share it so you won't miss a point!

***Number One Rule*** Of course it is the "De-winterizing" Procedure. Is it as simple as flush out the pink fluid? of course not! - Bypass - Lower point drain - Water pump - faucets - water lines and fittings - toilet water valve - fresh water inlet - water tank Check, check, check! make sure nothing is leaking and no damage from winter. If any, address it ASAP. You definitely don't want to find out that in your first camping trip.

***Number Two Rule*** Run all systems before heading out for vacation. Too many stories we heard from past years about disappointed trip due to non-functional systems. "No power when I am ready for a family movie night", " Battery is dead when I settled in the campground", "no hot water but I need to have a shower!" Well, a COMPREHENSIVE CHECKUP for your plumbing, electrical, LP and major appliances is pretty essential step to take in spring. Taking time to make sure that all are in good order will really save your time(eg. long waiting line for your appt), money (eg. urgent and online service charge) and ensure a good experience in first vacation of the year.

***Number Three Rule*** Perform important maintenance on time. Many RV owners often skip this. "It is not broken yet, I will do it later". Well, you may not realized the water is leaking in slightly from the loose caulking, tiny gaps. After the water damage occurs, it is $$$$ surprise. Why don't we just stop it from scratch? Take this list and save it for your service schedule. Your RV/Trailer will really appreciate that. - Caulking inspection and re-caulk as needed - Rubber Roof cleaning and treatment (Don't wait until see the cracking roof, it will cost your a fortune to replace whole roof!!!) - Awning and canvas cleaning and vinyl treatment - Rubber seal inspection and treatment - Tire condition Inspection

***Number Four Rule*** Prepare RV supplies for your season - Holding tank treatment. not only for bad odor, but also to break down the waste and tissue efficiently. No blockage, no hassle. No one want to play with toilet during family vacation time. Get the treatment which cleans the sensor and lub the valve. more info check with our parts dept. - RV grade Toilet tissue. there is a reason to have RV Grade toilet paper. it is to prevent blockage. Use right thing for right purpose, then you will be worry free. - Inspect Repellent. Nature is great. But we don't need those little creatures to join us. Keeping you family safe and healthy with proper protection is always the key.

If you find above list useful but just no time to do or don't know how and where, AT.Orange.RV is always at your service. Message us anytime!

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