Pay Sales Deposit

to Secure Your Deal

Terms and Conditions

1. Deposit is due upon the agreed offer. 

2. $500 Deposit  will be required for the RV up to $50000; $1000 deposit will be required for the RV over $50000.

3. After the final offer has been accepted by both parties ( customer and AT.Orange.RV),  ANY FURTHER REQUEST OR NEGOTIATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. 

4. Regarding the refund of Deposit:

a. Only under the circumstance that CONDITIONS OF SALE cannot be met by AT.Orange.RV Inc., the deposit will be refunded in full to purchaser in 7 business days.

b. If all CONDITIONS OF SALE have been met by AT.Orange.RV Inc. and the  customer requires to cancel the purchase due to  personal reasons, deposit will NOT be refunded.

c. When the refund has been issued, the customer is required to bring the original receipt in person and sign the release form, in order to obtain the refund. Any refund which has not been picked up within 14 days(from the date refund is issued) will automatically become invalid. Refund will be not re-issued after 14 days.

I have read the above Terms and Conditions carefully and understand the policies from AT.Orange.RV Inc. I will respect and follow these policies if there is any issue regarding this sale and sales deposit.